The Blind Side

When I first looked at the movie poster, I thought that it was just a typical football movie that would mostly attract men. I watched this movie when I was in an airplane to New York. I was bored, and I wanted something that would make my flight interesting. Fortunately, and thanks to the movie, the Blind Side, my flight did become interesting. I plan flight went much faster than I had thought.

The Blind Side is an American drama-sports film. It is based on the book called The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game written the Michael Lewis. The movie not only got popular among people but also gained many awards, such as Academy Award, Critics’ Choice Award, Golden Globe and People’s Choice Award.

This movie is based on a true story of Michael Jerome Oher. He is an American football player in the National Football League. He lived a life of an homelessness.  When we are young, our parents help us to grow healthy. They make healthy food and provide comfortable home for us. Also, they praise us be pride of us. Also, when, we are depressed and gloomy, the parents comfort us with sweet comments and food. However Michael Oher did not have his real family. He was alone when he was sad and depressed. By looking at this movie, I was able realize how lucky I was.



Some people may think that Atonement is just a movie. However, it is one of the best adaptations of Ian Mc.Ewan’s novel, Atonement. This movie won Oscar for the Best Original Score.  In addition it won the Best Film of the Year in 2007. Keira Knightly and James McAvoy were starred.

This movie shows the unfortunate and mistaken love between two people. Their love is distracted and distorted by a girl. She mistakenly ruins not only their relationship but their lives. Although the two people are separated, their love toward each other never dwindles. They unfortunately die at the end. The girl, who has made the love to be hapless, writes a novel about them because she regrets her action and makes atonement.

I encourage many people to watch this movie, especially when they want to cry!

Becoming Jane

This movie wonderfully portrays the early life of Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice, which is one of the most famous novels of all time. Through this movie, I was able to experience what Jane Austen went through. I have always known Austen as an author, but this movie changed my perspective of her, to another woman who wanted a true love. Also, the wonderful acting done by Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy makes the life of Jane Austen fascinating and touching. This historical film has earned a variety of awards including the 2007 People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Independent Movie” and the BAFTA-winning Scottish actor for James MvAvoy.

To me, this movie has more than one meaning. Not only does this movie portrait the life of Jane Austen but it also shows the life of typical female authors. I have always wondered about the life of this female author, born in 1800s. In her most popular book, Pride and Prejudice, first published in 1813, Jane Austen portrays female life in the Victorian era. During the Victorian era, people, especially in bourgeoisies, significantly valued their reputations.  In Pride and Prejudice, readers can clearly see the existence of Victorian ideas.

In addition, I believe that there is a significance in the title of the movie, Becoming Jane. The title character is the author that we know. Before she becomes a real author, she is just a typical girl seeking love. However, she sacrifices this dream in her quest to be come a writer. As she gives up her desire to find love, her mind becomes hopelessly filled with beautiful stories and writings. Her passion toward writing novels grows stronger with each passing day.  I was able to understand her feelings when she was writing her novels.  Before I watched the movie, I thought that just knowing and understanding the works of an intelligent author were important. However, I realized that understanding the life of the author is also, significant and rather help one to understand the author’s work.

This is one of the fascinating novels that Jane Austen provided to our humanity.  It was first published in 1813. She first named this book as First Impressions. However it was Pride and Prejudice that was fist published. This story takes place in the Victorian era. Some people think that Austen was concerned that the people would get confused her novel with other ones that have the same title.

This book is captivating because it beautifully captures the life in the Victorian era. Like modern times, wealth is one of the important factors that attract neighbors and others. The novel is about how the Bennet’s life has changed after the arrival of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley.

This is a book and a movie that one should and must read! I strongly recommend people to read regardless of their age because I’m sure it will strongly attract any readers.

SoPhie KineSella’s bookS

I have actually read Sophie Kinsella’s entire book except The Shopaholic series.  The reason is that the books of the Shopaholic series are so popular that I somehow wanted to be a nonconformist. However, I couldn’t resist keep ignoring her four other books: Twenties girl, The Undomestic goddess, Can you keep a Secret and Remember me. The voices of these four books are similar since it has the same author and the protagonists are all 20s females. These are the books that I would like to recommend to the readers who are looking for books that they can enjoy with no pressure. Also, these books contain plots that are unrealistic but ideal in today’s world. Women want to find a true love, who can actually understand them and be there for them.  I think that by having plots based on the idealistic story successfully captivated and attracted her readers. The Undomestic Goddess is about a woman who is actually workaholic but as she finds her true love from an unexpected event, she begins to know how to relax and enjoy her live. I believe that this book portrays women who sacrifice their whole life to work. Although people easily read these books, they contain today world’s problems that are common and hard to solve.

If you want to laugh and be happy just read the books. They will for sure give you the most delicious happiness.

First of all, I would like to say that I bought this book, Tell no one by Harlan Coben, in the first place not because of its plot but its captivating cover page. The cover page may look like an ordinary orange color but it is an orange highlighter color. Though I haven’t read abundant of thriller books, this book will be one of the books that I would recommend. When I read this book, I didn’t know the time was passing. Although I had to do my homework for the next day, I couldn’t resist letting go of the book. It is one of the books that one can finish in one day or two. Also, when I was reading the book, I thought that I was watching a very good movie. I had somehow established the characters in my brain. Tell no one by Harlan Coben is actually adopted into a film in France and won the four categories of awards in France. This definitely once again proves that people should read this book if they like thrillers.In Tell No One, the protagonist loses his wife one day and he believed that his wife was dead for years. However, eight years later, he receives an email, which contains a secret code, a message, which leads to a video of his wife. He realizes that his wife is not dead at all and begins to look for her.  As he looks for his wife, he starts to know about his wife’s unknown past. The husband goes through so many events that he has not expected. With an unexpected turning point, the story finishes. I hope that many people, who aren’t interested in thrillers, to read this book because it will be one of the book that will be finished before they know it.

Here’s the trailer of Tell No One directed by Guillaume Canet!!

“War doesn’t negate decency. It demands it, even more than in times of peace. –Baba.”

I’m sure that most people have read this book, especially since it became a hit a few years ago. Before reading the book, I had never read a novel written by an author of Middle East descent. However, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini opened my mind and eyes to a world where people from diverse areas speak up for themselves. This book is one of the books that kindled my tears.   The Kite Runner, written in 2003, is Hosseini’s first novel and was made into a movie in 2007. Since people say that books are always better than movies adapted from the books I actually haven’t seen the movie, The Kite Runner. Also I didn’t want to ruin my memories and deep understanding of the book. However, I plan to someday watch the movie as I have heard that it is not that poorly filmed.

The story is of two boys in Kabul, living in an area amidst the Cold War in the Middle East. This fascinating fiction also addresses the beginning of Taliban regime. As I was reading this book, I became engrossed not only with the plot but also with what was happening in Middle East. Prior, the only way for me to learn about Middle East was through the objective view of news articles and world history textbooks. However, in reading the Kite Runner, I felt that I was with the protagonist throughout the book since Hosseini’s description and the plot is so captivating. Although the book has been out for a few years now, I hope that student will read this book because it is a great read. Also, they will get to know more about the real world, and the impact of destructive wars on innocent human beings.